Jukebox in the Sky

Have you ever received messages from your guides? We all have them, whether we are communicating with them or not; spirit guides, guardian angels, beings from other dimensions, or even loved ones who have passed on, who want to help us and are working on connecting with us. Our guides can reach out to us in many different ways; they can send us telepathic or inspirational thoughts, visit us in our dreams, show us symbols, or we can connect with them through a technique called automatic writing*(1), to name a few. It’s so much fun when you start to notice certain type of occurrences, symbols or some repeated way in which a guide is trying to reach you. I recently realized such a pattern that had been going on for a few months before I was able to connect the dots.

One afternoon, I was telling my husband about this, how a very specific line from a song would pop into my head, perfectly describing an insight I was having at that moment, or something that was unfolding right before me. And as I was talking to him about how marvelous the human mind is, to “come up” with the perfectly describing song at a given moment―it hit me; this wasn’t my doing at all! (Mental head slap). This came from a guide! A guide was sending these poignant messages to me. Then immediately, I heard the line from the hit song by The Jackson 5: “I’ll be there…” as in, “You can trust that I’ll be there giving you these messages to guide you on your way”. Of course, this caused laughter, happy tears, and lots of gratitude for this excellent guidance, not to mention the wonderful feeling of “I’m not alone in this”. There truly is help if we want it.

Another example from this guide’s repertoire came through one morning when I was in the kitchen making breakfast. The night before I had struggled with a bout of self-punishment, which is an old pattern for me, and on this morning I felt like I’d gained a new perspective on it and was at the upside of it, when a line from a Simon & Garfunkel song came through clear as day: “Hello darkness, my old friend…” I love my guide’s sense of humor! This was clearly a nudge for me to not take it so seriously, that I should embrace a more humorous outlook, and everything would be okay.

We all have many different guides available to us, and we can ask them for help, guidance and support at any time. However, we need to listen to their answers, which can come to us in a myriad of ways (including having our very own spiritual jukebox!) When we practice tuning in and raising our own energetic vibration*(2), the world as we know it will open up and become infused with color, richness, and elements we probably never even could have imagined.

*Reference:  Van Praagh, James. (2017). Wisdom from your Spirit Guides. Carlsbad: Hay House. (1) pg. 40, (2) pg. 133.