Becoming a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday, January 15 2019, was the Thousand Oaks Holistic Chamber of Commerce’s luncheon meeting at Brendan’s of Thousand Oaks. The host location is a central point for members from Westlake Village, Moorpark, Camarillo, Newbury Park, Malibu and Thousand Oaks. Brendan’s has a great choice of lunch entrees, too. This meeting celebrated the 1st anniversary of the Thousand Oaks chapter, which had grown from four members a year ago, to 35 active holistic business professionals.

Camille Leon, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce’s founder, has created an organization for holistic minded businesses. All applications run through her office and are vetted, verifying those wishing to join, to have legitimate business credentials, legal/business licenses and have core holistic intentions. As I’m just now beginning this energy healing and channeling work, I supplied references from multiple friends / family, who did verify my capabilities. My current business already avails me a business license and insurance as a professional service provider, therefore I meet the requirements to become a member in good standing.

Gwyneth Doyle James Braun

As new members join (me at this meeting), this organized business and public platform is expanded, and the chamber is here to promote our existing businesses. Here, a person can search for services in categories like nutrition, life coaching, yoga, meditation, and energy healing modalities. The chamber offers practitioners a place to find help when faced with specific questions in their practice, which provides all of us access to knowledge from our peers we might have missed working independently to fulfill our missions/callings.

At each meeting there is typically a guest speaker covering various means to promote and expand the business of working in the holistic field. Prior to this speaker presentation, one member leads our group in their personal method of grounding. Additionally, new members will be welcomed and given their certificate for their business office display. Four members joined this month’s meeting, and we all had a moment to present our practice when receiving our certificates.

As this was the 1st anniversary meeting, the president of our chapter, Gwyneth Doyle (pictured) spoke of the New Year and plans for the future. A lot of growth has transpired in the prior 14 months, and based on the members positive ambition, many more enjoyable growth and prosperity ideas are in sight.

After lunch, our anniversary cake was lit with candles, which broke open and spread out petals like a flower, all while playing a song. When our group of forty people were asked, “Who wants cake?” no one responded. At this point, I saw an energy swell within our group of very empathic members. A yellow energy rose and began to arc toward the candles on the cake, like moths to light. Seeing this, I announced, “I can see everyone here is wanting a slice but their empathic energies are stopping them from saying so.” A muted cheer followed, the cake was sliced, handed out and we spent time talking amongst ourselves about plans for 2019 and how we had dealt with recent challenges our Thousand Oaks community had faced.

A couple dozen of our members, myself included, had offered our services at a free healing event for Thousand Oaks in the prior month. The Best Western, siding the 101 Freeway just north of Moorpark Rd exit, hosted us in the conference room for a day. I offered my services (for the first time to total strangers) and set myself inside the conference room, in a chair, awaiting the opportunity to help. Linda Drevenstedt, a member of our holistic chapter, brought people to us in the conference room, which had reiki healers’ tables, energy workers tables, a massage therapist and card readers present.

Linda introduced me to those seeking help. Each of these individuals were covered in sorrow, negative energies and anguish; two even had tears in their eyes. I worked the energies around them, helping them to feel their positive power, to release the negativity encompassing them. With as much negativity that had transpired with the Borderline Bar and Grille tragedy, the two fires and all the loss encountered from these events, helping individuals recover, at least energetically, felt good. My ability is to see a person’s chakras, their core star, their aura and whatever is covering their true self identity. I am guided to work with people by channeling my higher sources. My visual, mental symbols and/or messages provide me a specific view of a person’s energy. With this clarity I can then provide information for my client(s) to experience their own power. Our power is based on self-love, which creates a positive protection from outside, low energy, negative sources. This is what I did with these people I met on this day.

During the segment for members’ recommendations at our anniversary meeting, Linda informed our group about all those that I had guided that day, and commented on how much better they felt with my aid. To Linda, they displayed relief, happiness or a more comfortable presence. Thank you, Linda! This is another affirmation that I am on the right path. I’m here to give people a way of getting out of negative energies. Being able to help someone release pent up, negative energy and open up to love, grounded emotions, clarity, and abundance, is such a wonderful feeling, of which I’m very grateful, and I’m eager to continue on this new journey.