James Braun

Energy Healer / Medium

As far back as James can remember, he has had extraordinary abilities, and as a child, he would often foresee events within the extended family. When he was a teenager, his family was building a cabin in Somerset, PA, where he helped his uncle find a well by dousing with a branch from a cherry tree. Throughout his life, James has always tried to help his friends and family. One friend was sick but couldn’t get a proper diagnosis from her doctor, so he helped her by removing damaging energy from her energy field, and her sickness went away. Another tool he has used is regression to look at family members’ past lives, in order to better understand the present actions of these family members, which appeared uncharacteristic of them. He has, when necessary, moved out negative spirits from family members, houses, and living areas, as this darkness is counter-productive to healthy living.

For a short period of time, James offered his advice to the public as a tarot card reader, but he has mostly been focused on helping people he knows personally; including relaying messages from visions and information he gained from guides, dreams, and other realms. That is until now. Recently, James has been urged by his guides to use his abilities to help others. At present, he is focused on doing energy work, more specifically helping empaths and others to release negative energies and/or energies which are not their creation. Outside energies, oftentimes, are blocking people from being productive in their everyday lives.

In his work he utilizes many tools, including those described above, to understand and read a person’s energy, to be able to give practical advice and relay information from guides that could help the situation at hand. He feels this is his calling, helping people to be their best, healthiest, self possible.

James Braun is an energy healer/adviser. Not a medical practitioner, psychologist, psychiatrist, and does not purport to have certification of medical or mental science. James Braun will work to provide advice and guided channeling to clients. This information is to be considered suggestions. Healing, in the work James Braun offers, is NOT to be used as a substitute to / for traditional medicine. Nor is guidance and suggestions for mental health to be any substitution for psychotherapy. Seek professional medical / psychiatric help as is necessary.